Regarding The Narration Of Ibn ‘Abbas “Kufr
Duna Kufr”
“What has reached us from Ibn Abbas from
his saying “Kufr Duna Kufr” is not reliable. It
is narrated in Al-Haakim in his Mustadraaq
(Vol. 2/313) by the way of Hisham Ibn
Hujaayr on the authority of Tawoos who
heard it from Ibn Abbas. However, Hisham is
declared Da’eef by Yahya Ibn Ma’een and
Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal. On the other hand
it is narrated to us from Abdur-Razaaq in his
Tafseer on the authority of Mu’aamr who
heard from Ibn Tawoos that his father said
he asked Ibn Abbas about Allah’s saying:
{“And whosoever does not judge by what
Allah has revealed such are the Kafirun.”}
Ibn Abbas said it was Kufr and this is what
is preserved from Ibn Abbas. Showing that
there is no doubt about this Ayah, and
proving that what is meant by this diselief is
Kufr Al-Akbar. So how can some claim Islam
when they put aside and substitute the
Sharee’ah, and make alliances with the Jews
and Christians and imitate them!? As for
what is narrated by Ibn Jareer in his Tafseer
on the authority of Ibn Abbas who said, {“It
is not like the one who disbelieves in Allah
and the last day..”} what is meant here does
not mean that ‘Ruling by other than what
Allah revealed’ is Kufr duna Kufr. Whoever
says it does mean this, then it is upon him to
bring his proof and evidence to substantiate
his allegation. It is clear from Ibn Abbas’s
words that Kufr Al-Akbar is of different
classifications , and some forms are more
severe than others. For example, the Kufr of
the one who doesn’t believe in Allah and the
Last Day, is more extreme than the Hakim
[Ruler] who doesn’t rule by what Allah
revealed. It is clear that Kufr of the Hhkim
who ‘Rules by other than what Allah
revealed’ is less severe than the one who
doesn’t believe in Allah and the Last day. Still,
we cannot say that this Hakim remains a
Muslim and that his ruling is simply Kufr Al-
Asghar. We say he has left the religion
because of putting aside and removal of the
Sharee’ah, and according to Ibn Katheer,
there is Ijmaa aout this. See “Al-Bidayah Wa-
Nihayah” (Vol. 13/119)
— Shaykh Sulaymaan al-‘Alwaan
• [At-Tibyan Sharh’ Nawaqidh Al-Islam by
Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab; explanation
and footnotes by Sulmayman al-Alwaan, Pg.