Sheikh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab said: “Whoever denies such and such, and upon whom the Hujjah has been established” and you are doubting about these Tawāgheet and their followers. Has the Hujjah been established upon them? This is something strange! How do you doubt in it (while) I have verily explained it clearly to you many times?! For verily the person upon whom the hujjah is not established is the one who is new in Islām (newly revert), and the one who grows up in a faraway place or if it is a hidden matter of Qadr or tasarruf. The Proof is the Qur’an. So whomever the Qur’an reaches, the Hujjah is established upon him. But the base of the problem is that you don’t differentiate between establishing the hujjah and understanding hujjah. So verily many amongst the Kuffār and the Munāfiqeen from the “Muslims” have not understood the hujjah of Allāh with its establishment. As Allāh said “Or think you that most of them listen or understand? They are only like cattle; nay, they are worse astray in Path.” (25:44) So establishing the hujjah is one thing and understanding is another and how it (hujjah) would be established upon them. Their understanding it is another thing and their Kufr (is valid) with its ruling even though they don’t understand it…And when you have known this; then verily the thing upon which you are is Kufr. People worship the Tawagheet and make enmity with the religion of Islām, and they think that it is not apostasy because maybe they did not understand the Hujjah? All this is clear.” (Al-Durar Al-Saniyah, 10:93-95)